The main operator of high voltage systems in Chile has been building electrical infrastructure in the country – from Arica to Chiloé- for over 70 years and has vast territorial work experience along its almost ten thousand kilometers of lines.

ISA Inversiones Chile

It belongs to a multi-Latin group, recognized for its excellence and for having the largest high voltage transmission network in Latin America, with 47,231 km and 92,788 MVA in operation. It has built HVDC lines in Brazil, where it currently operates a 2,400 km line.

Chile HVDC Transmission SpA

Chile HVDC Transmission SpA belongs to China Southern Power Grid (CSG), which is the second largest electric power company in China and the world, and one of the largest developers of HVDC infrastructure, invests, builds and operates power grids with a total area of of service of 1 million km2 and a population of 272 million inhabitants.