Conexión communicates

At Conexión Kimal-Lo Aguirre we understand communication not only as a vehicle to report on what we do. Listening to others is as important to us as telling our stories. We want effective bi-directionality in each of the platforms where we share with people because knowing their concerns promptly allows us to reach all people with assertive communication.

It is part of our commitment

And since trust is an essential part of any relationship, we will operate with absolute transparency in our activities, sharing records and relevant information allowing that every step we take is made hand in hand with the communities.

Meetings with authorities

All meetings we have had since Conexión, both with national, regional, and local authorities, have been requested through the Lobby Law (created to strengthen transparency and probity in relations with all of the State bodies), allowing our work full transparency.

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Social Networks

Conexión Kimal-Lo Aguirre