About us

We are Conexión Kimal-Lo Aguirre, a company created to develop, build and operate the first Kimal-Lo Aguirre direct current power transmission line. This work is mandated by the State of Chile, through the National Electric Coordinator.

Since being awarded the project engineering and environmental studies have been launched to define the route, which is based on a management model that places people at the center and where transparency and efficiency are transversal pillars for the entire process.

Chile has had a demographic growth that has a direct impact on higher energy consumption, so the country needs to use and transport it efficiently. In addition to this need, there is the great challenge of being a carbon-neutral country by 2050 in order to face the environmental crisis we are living in.

In this context, the Kimal-Lo Aguirre project will not only contribute to the decarbonization of Chile by having a positive impact on the reduction of curtailment of clean energy which is currently being lost due to the lack of effective transmission systems but will also contribute to the national energy transition.