Current stage

What stage are we in?

The project submitted the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA) in October 2023 and carried out the Citizen Participation (PAC) in order to comply with the provisions of article 29 of the Environmental Impact System Regulations. , and what the Escazú Agreement establishes to guarantee the rights of access to environmental information and public participation in decision-making processes on environmental matters.

Currently, we are in the process of responding to and complementing the information requested by the authorities in the Consolidated Report on Request for Clarifications, Rectifications and/or Extensions (technical ICSARA), published in January 2024, along with the review of the Citizen ICSARA received in June 2024. same year.

Likewise, in June the Indigenous Consultation process began.


Próximas Etapas


Considers the construction of roads, lines, converter substations, temporary installations, land conditioning (earthworks for foundation installations), construction of permanent works, and dismantling of temporary works.


It contemplates the operation of all works, such as the transportation and conversion of electrical energy and maintenance.