Precautionary approach

Precautionary approach

We are a company aiming to protect the environment by identifying and preventively evaluating our impact, so we can eliminate or mitigate it as much as possible.

A first instance for this approach application is the engineering design itself, including the evaluation of alternative solutions and/or locations to define the best possible project, both in its construction and its operation during its useful life. Thus, when submitted for evaluation to the environmental authority in the Environmental Impact Assessment System, the project takes into account this precautionary approach from its conception.

Once the environmental permit to build and operate the project has been obtained, we will always maintain this approach, preventing deviations from occurring, detecting them in advance, and applying control measures to prevent the possibility of harmful environmental effects.


Our environmental legislation defines biodiversity as the variability of living organisms that are part of all terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Within the framework of our sustainability policy, protecting biodiversity is one of the pillars of the project’s definition and design, in order not to affect ecosystems or the organisms that make them up.


We consider fieldwork as an essential activity in the application of the preventive approach, biodiversity protection, as well as for the knowledge of the communities and their territories, including indigenous communities, so the project has been defined and evaluated socio-environmentally under a rigorous fieldwork program, aligned with current regulatory requirements, Environmental Authority guidelines, public services with environmental competencies guidelines and best international standards practices.